Poised for Retirement: Moving from Anxiety to Zen

Poised for Retirement: Moving from Anxiety to Zen
Published: June 13, 2017

June 2017

Poised for Retirement - Reading
- Bird and Beckett
in San Francisco, CA
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July 2017

Poised for Retirement - Reading/Signing
- The BookMark Shoppe
in Brooklyn, New York
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Poised for Retirement - Reading/Signing
- Book Passage Ferry Building
in San Francisco, CA
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April 2010 Issue
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(Burned: A Memoir)
Burned: A Memoir
by Louise Nayer
published April 2010
Atlas and Co
A deeply moving, beautifully written, and transforming story of how one family lived through unbearable tragedy and separation while finding the love and courage to journey back to life.
- Greg Mortenson
Author of #1 New York Times Bestseller,
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to
Promote Peace...One School at a Time
Meticulous and moving...Louise Nayer's memoir makes a large statement about human healing.
- Carl Dennis
Pulitzer Prize winning poet
Author of Practical Gods
As a poet and writer Louise Nayer has established herself as a singular voice of her generation.
- Robert Creeley
Your parents were extraordinary people. It seems a miracle that they could have a reasonably normal and content life after that tragedy.
Burned...tells the story of how the author's parents were horribly disfigured by an accident that occurred when she was four years old and that transformed their lives.
- James Atlas
The Huffington Post
Oct. 9, 2009
Her startling memoir...recounts her childhood grief and the gradual healing...in unflinching detail.
- Jane Woodward Elioseff
Internet Review of Books
April 2010
The memoir, written brilliantly from the child's and parents' perspectives, is less of the author's climbing herself out of brokenness as it is a story of transformative powers of family.
- Reva Blau
The Provincetown Banner
June 20, 2010
Louise Nayer's devastating memoir "Burned" will rip your heart out, then slowly but with determination put it back together again. This is a haunting but ultimately healing story that proves the power of love.
- Lois Alter Marks
September 3, 2010
The poet Louise Nayer...recounts the shock and family trauma that resulted from that accident (that burned her parents).
- Tablet Magazine
May 3, 2010
Her new memoir Burned is about her family's vacation in July 1954, near Indian Neck Beach...but it all went horribly wrong...56 years later Louise is returning for the first time to Wellfleet. Perhaps to the cottage itself.
- Mary Ann Bragg
The Cape Cod Times
How to Bury a Goldfish
© 2000 by Virginia E. Lang and Louise B. Nayer
This book is filled with family rituals for many important occasions. Rituals are simply events given what Mary Oliver calls "the rich lens of attention". But in the end, they are what give us mindful joy and connect us to each other. I recommend this book as a way to be more intentional in the life of your family and community.
- Mary Piper, author of 'Reviving Ophelia'
'How to Bury a Goldfish' is a great gift. Filled with rituals that bring simplicity and clarity to our busy lives, it reminds us that everyday family traditions are what give our lives meaning.
- Marilyn J. Mason, Ph.D., psychologist
author of 'Seven Mountains: Life Lessons
from a Climber's Journal'
The Houses are Covered in Sound
© 1991 by Louise Nayer
Louise Nayer is a markedly gifted poet.
- Robert Creeley
She has sharp imagery and honesty in her work, and her poetry is in touch with life, as poetry at its best is supposed to be
- John Logan